Son's call for cycle safety measures on Bay Gateway after Lancaster dad's life-changing collision with HGV

The son of a cyclist who suffered severe life-changing injuries after a collision with an HGV as he cycled along the Bay Gateway is calling for a safe cycling lane along the stretch of road.
Mark Bryan in hospital after the collision.Mark Bryan in hospital after the collision.
Mark Bryan in hospital after the collision.

As we reported at the time,Lancaster cyclist Mark Bryan was hours from death after a serious collision with a drunk driver who forced him off the road on the Bay Gateway in December 2018.

He was left for dead at the side of the road, and suffered multiple life-threatening and altering injuries, giving doctors no choice but to place him in a medically induced coma for two weeks to allow his body to recover.

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The crash left Mark, then 57, with lacerations to his liver and kidneys, multiple fractures to his arm, ribs, shoulder blade, spine, neck, pelvis and skull. He also fractured his femur which ruptured the main artery in his leg.

The stretch of the Bay Gateway (in yellow) which Joshua Brandwood would like to see cycle safety measures on.The stretch of the Bay Gateway (in yellow) which Joshua Brandwood would like to see cycle safety measures on.
The stretch of the Bay Gateway (in yellow) which Joshua Brandwood would like to see cycle safety measures on.

Along with his many injuries, he was recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and brain damage as a result of the trauma caused by the incident.

Mark's son, former Morecambe town councillor Joshua Brandwood, said: "Three years on and he is still receiving intensive physical and mental rehabilitation and will unfortunately never fully regain his ability to walk independently without an aid.

"Doctors have said he will experience chronic pain and as a result will need to take medication for the rest of his life."

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Joshua is now calling on the county council to make safety measures for cyclists along the stretch of Bay Gateway where the accident happened.

Joshua Brandwood.Joshua Brandwood.
Joshua Brandwood.

"Although as a family we acknowledge the fact that this incident may have been avoided if the driver wasn’t intoxicated, we equally feel that the old stretch of road on the Bay Gateway from Heyham poses a huge risk to cyclists, especially given it is a road frequented by lorries.

"Given the Bay Gateway is a popular cycle route for staff who work at the port, power station and other organisations in that area, it should be made safer for both cyclists and drivers.

"With that in mind, our campaign proposes that the county council create a protected cycle lane which has clear road markings and bollards at every few yards on the old stretch of The Bay Gateway. We are open to suggestions and hope to discuss options with Lancashire County Council in the near future.

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"We feel a cycle would benefit both drivers and cyclists and reduce the prevalence of incidents that occur on that particular stretch of road."

Joshua has now launched an online petition on behalf of his family addressed to Lancashire County Council, which amassed 1,500 signatures in the first 48 hours.

He has officially submitted it to the county council, although it remains open for people to add their signature.

"By keeping it open, locals will have an opportunity to show the council how important this issue is within the community," Joshua said.

You can sign the petition here.