Sensory room and hydro pool with salon opens near Morecambe

A new multi-sensory room, hydro pool and salon was officially opened to the public at the weekend.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 2:46 pm

Serene Sensory & Salon is based at Middleton Business Park near Heysham. It is particularly helpful for those with autism and learning difficulties, and was opened on Sunday by Lucy Ellis from the Lancaster & Morecambe branch of the National Autistic Society.

Its multi-sensory room and equipment is designed to create a stimulating yet calming atmosphere for people of all ages and abilities for either therapy or recreation. The salon also has stylists trained to cater for people with autism.

Serene is unique because it offers a variety of services under one roof, which is inclusive.

Sensory room manager Debbie can give support and advice to carers/perents with her knowledge, training and experience of ADHD. ASD, LD and sensory needs.

The hot tub complements individual needs and can be used alongside the sensory room, with a hoist available if required.

It is also available for private use on booking.

The salon is managed by Davina and Jessica, offering a varied range of services tailored to the individuals needs in a comfortable atmosphere.

Davina and Jessica have a wealth of experience in the hair dressing industry, with more than 30 years between them.

Claire is the in-house beautician, She offers a vast range of services, and is experienced in all aspects of beauty treatments, including massage, waxing, make-up and nail services.

Davina, Jessica and Claire work together to create wedding and prom packages.

Lucy said: “Many of the children who struggle with sensory sensitivities feel the benefit from being able to access a sensory room.

“Now we have access to this in our local area, this will be great for families to experience it together and also with friends.

“The staff at Serene know a lot about how our children and young people struggle and are able to not only show an awareness of autism but also accept that our families need this in their lives.

“We look forward to using the sensory room but also being able to get our children’s haircut by hairdressers who understand the sensory impact this can have on some children too.

“Huge thank you to Serene for being so proactive and accepting of our children in the autistic community.”