Revival plans for Lancaster railway station

A new Lancaster bar is playing a key role in the commercial revival of Lancaster railway station.

The Tite & Locke opened at the station earlier this month and is already proving a hit with passengers as well as ‘non-travelling’ pub-goers.

Lancaster Brewery, who are behind the pub, say it's the Fairfield and Marsh patrons that have surprised them with their enthusiasm.

"To collect so many local regulars in such a short time frame is wonderful,” they say.

The Tite & Locke is already proving a hit with passengers as well as 'non-travelling' pub-goers.

"Bringing people into Lancaster Railway Station without being on ‘train business’ is exactly what the renaissance of these station buildings is all about and we hope to further improve this community element of our bar as the months progress.

"Transforming the buildings of our railway stations back into full commercial use has been a long term target of Network Rail.

"The acres of derelict or underused buildings littering our Victorian stations are being returned to their former glory through a combination of public money, private investment and thousands of hours of gruelling human effort.”

And so it was that Lancaster's Tite & Locke came into realisation. When Lancaster Brewery designed the bar, they had four key audiences in mind - the general train traveller, the railway buff, beer enthusiasts and the local Fairfield/Marsh community.

Since opening on April 7, they seem to be attracting all of these distinct audiences.

The bar is an ill disguised homage to the world of rail from the name itself (lauding the works of William Tite and Joseph Locke) to the Victoriana interior and myriad of railway interior design features.

Beer takes centre stage with an imported copper Czech font, 18 keg lines and six cask options.

It’s not all about beer though, with a developing array of unusual wines, spirits, mixers, hot and soft drinks.

“The future of Lancaster railway station is genuinely exciting as there are dozens of potentially fantastic rooms yet to be refurbished,” say Lancaster Brewery.

"A railway station is the perfect place for accommodating office workers from any sector, as it combines the delights of Victorian architecture with the perfect accessibility of being located next to a transport hub.

"While the Tite & Locke is a lovely addition to our historic railway station, everyone hopes it’s the start of more ambitious things to come.”