Public consulted as Carnforth’s new Neighbourhood Plan takes shape

Carnforth's Neighbourhood Plan is taking shape.Carnforth's Neighbourhood Plan is taking shape.
Carnforth's Neighbourhood Plan is taking shape.
After almost two-and-a-half years' work, Carnforth’s new Neighbourhood Plan - outlining objectives and ambitions for the development of the town for the next 10 years - is steadily nearing completion.

The plan, being prepared by Carnforth Town Council and a small group of residents, has now entered a phase of public consultation.

Over a period of six weeks the local community is being asked to express its views on the vision for the future of Carnforth that is set out in the plan.

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So far more than 100 people have had the opportunity to express their opinions in a number of face-to-face open meetings held around the town and many others are submitting comments online.

The public consultation is due to close on September 5 so if you still haven’t had your say on what will form the blueprint for the development of Carnforth for the next decade then go online here to have a look.

All comments will be considered and the plan will be modified if necessary to reflect prevailing views prior to publication early in 2022.