Proud three-year-old gets letter from Queen after spending day helping Lancaster police officers

A Lancaster three-year-old has received a letter from the Queen after his dad sent her photos of his recent trip to the police station.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 3:45 pm
Proud Noah with his letter from the Queen.

As we reported in May, Noah Brandwood enjoyed being shown how the police worked during a trip to Lancaster police station.

Noah's dad Joshua wrote to the Queen following the trip, expressing his sympathy at the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh and telling her about his son's day with the police.

The Queen's Lady-in-Waiting replied to the letter, saying she was "most grateful" for his thoughtful words.

And she said the Queen was also interested to hear the "uplifting account" of Noah's visit to the police station.

Joshua posted on social media about the family's experience.

"I appreciate the police service generally tend to receive a hard press, and it’s little acts of kindness that often get overlooked so I decided to share Noah’s experience with the public," he said.

"Within a day of uploading the photos online, it gained hundreds of comments from the community with many highlighting their pride for our police force.

"I have also shared our experience with Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, as these officers rightfully deserve the recognition for going the extra mile.

"Both PC Hodgson and PC Nelson are an absolute credit to the policing service. I cannot praise them enough for taking time out of their day to make my son happy.”

Joshua also contacted the two officers' sergeant, Guy Hamlett, who said the force appreciated the positive feedback, and added that he had reflected the compliments on the two officers' personal records.