Poppy postbox cover in Morecambe is a hit with locals on run up to Remembrance Sunday

A beautiful crocheted poppy decoration adorns a postbox on Balmoral Road in Morecambe for Remembrance Sunday.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 12:38 pm
Postwoman Vicky Birchall with the poppy postbox cover her sister Carla Bonness made for her postbox on Balmoral Road in Morecambe.

The crocheted poppies were made by Carla Bonness not only for Remembrance Sunday, but also for her sister Vicky Birchall, a postwoman, who asked Carla to make a poppy decoration for the postbox she collects post from.

Carla Bonness, 37, a patient administrator for BMG, of Fairfield Road, Heysham, said: "I was making poppies for the British Legion, and my sister Vicky who is a postwoman sent me a picture of the postbox toppers and asked me if I could make one.

"I've had the last two weeks off work so I learnt a new skill of crochet. I'd never done it before, Fleetwood was the first place I'd seen one of the postbox covers.

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The poppy postbox cover made by Carla Bonness for the postbox on Balmoral Road.

"I've been following a few videos to do crocheting. I've also been doing a wreath which has 25 poppies on so the postbox cover must have about 60 on it.

"I had to pile them on top of one another so the cover would fit.

"My friend took a photo of the postbox cover and put it on one of the local Morecambe Facebook pages and it was shared quite a few times.

"I think I want to do it every year from now on. I'm going to do a Christmas decoration as well.

"I never thought I would do something like that, it never appealed to me at all, but it's quite nice to do instead of sitting on your phone all the time.

"I've got a bit addicted, with practice I could make clothing I think.

"It takes me 10 minutes to make a poppy because they are only small, it was the base of the postbox cover that took a long time to make.

"The postbox had a big bracket on top to cover but I took the challenge on.

"I'm from a military family and Remembrance Day has always been a big thing in our family, and poppies have always been shown so its nice to carry on the tradition.

"My sister loves her postbox cover!"