New police drone named 'Chase' after Heysham explosion victim's favourite Paw Patrol character

A new police drone has been named 'Chase' after the favourite Paw Patrol character of Heysham explosion victim George Hinds.

By Michelle Blade
Monday, 19th July 2021, 2:55 pm
Updated Monday, 19th July 2021, 2:58 pm

A few weeks back Lancashire Police launched a competition to find a name for their new drone.

It took them a while to announce the final winner, but they wanted to explain why....

On May 16 this year a gas explosion occurred on Mallowdale Avenue, Heysham, which resulted in two houses collapsing and another address being seriously damaged.

George Arthur Hinds, aged two years and 10 months, who died following a suspected gas explosion in Heysham. A competition to find a name for a new police drone was won by three-year-old Joshua, who suggested the name of George's favourite Paw Patrol character, Chase.

Sadly a two-year-old boy, named George Arthur Hinds was killed during the incident.

In the days that followed people right across Lancashire paid tribute to George, and one thing many people said was how much he loved the television show, Paw Patrol.

As a result, several people suggested that Lancashire Police name the drone ‘Chase’, after George’s favourite character.

Lancashire Police loved this idea and have now spoken to George’s family, who confirmed they would be happy for them to do this.

A huge well done now goes to three-year-old Joshua, who was the first to suggest the winning entry.

T/Ch Supt Wendy Bower, of the Lancashire Police TacOps team said: "We're delighted to name the winner of the competition to name our new drone and we would like to explain the reason behind the final choice. You may remember in May there was a gas explosion at an address in Heysham in which a two-year-old boy George Hinds sadly died.

"Our thoughts are very much still with his family and his friends and we continue to send them our deepest condolences.

"Many of you came up with a lovely suggestion as to how we could pay tribute to George. George's favourite television programme was Paw Patrol and he loved the main character Chase.

"So we're pleased to announce the name of the new drone will be Chase.

"The name was first suggested by a three-year-old boy named Joshua. So a huge well done goes out to him for his brilliant entry.

"Joshua we will be in touch with your parents or guardian to arrange your prize.

"Finally, to all those who entered the competition, we loved all your suggestions and we're impressed with the creativity that was shown. Thank you."