Little Noah is a Prince George lookalike

Prince George lookalike Noah (right) and Prince George (left)
Prince George lookalike Noah (right) and Prince George (left)

An infant heir to the throne has been spotted in Burnley – or has he?

Noah Jack Lockett (aged one) has been compared to the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton - and it is difficult to deny the remarkable resemblance.

He loves the attention

Mum Amy Brigdale

But it took the emergence of the now-famous photo of Prince George and his new baby sister Princess Charlotte for Noah’s proud mum, Amy Brigdale (23), to spot the likeness.

“People said it quite a few months ago but I never saw it before,” she said.

“I put a photo of Noah on Facebook and people started commenting, ‘doesn’t he look like Prince George?!’

“All of a sudden (when the photo of George and Charlotte was published), I saw it.”

The number of double-takes Noah receives have increased since becoming a minor celebrity, but mum Amy says he takes it in his stride.

“He loves the attention,” she said. “He is fine with it.”

Noah is an only child - for now - but Amy reveals she would like him to have a brother or sister.

“No, he doesn’t have a younger sister Charlotte,” she laughed. “Though I would like to have another child.”

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