Lancaster's Animal Care appeals for donations after rabbits dumped and kittens rescued

Animal Care in Lancaster are appealing for donations after an influx of animals including rabbits dumped in a field and left to die and cats and kittens that were being neglected.

By Michelle Blade
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 12:30 pm

Animal Care said on their Facebook page: “It’s been a difficult few weeks at Animal Care and we have been extremely busy.

“Ten rabbits were dumped in a nearby field without food, water or shelter unfortunately when we got the call from a member of the public five had already died.

"We have no idea how long they had been there but staff member Caz managed to catch the remaining five, they are all recovering and doing well.

One of the rabbits that was dumped near Animal Care Lancaster and left to die.

“Our American bull dog Princess is in need of surgery to fix her torn cruciate ligament which we hope to get done as soon as possible she’s currently on pain medication but desperately needs this procedure.

“Last week we removed a group of cats and kittens from a home where they were all extremely underweight and covered in fleas.

"Unfortunately one of the kittens had a very serious eye injury which was so badly damaged it needed emergency surgery and at only eight weeks old she had to have it removed.

"She’s recovering well but for such a young baby she’s been through so much.

Two of the rabbits that were dumped near Animal Care Lancaster and left to die.

“We are lucky to have such a dedicated team who have all been working extremely hard to help all of these new animals as well as looking after the current full sanctuary we have.

“Please support your local small rescues as it’s often us that helps when the larger well known charities say no!

"At the moment we are all feeling the strain of all the animals needing our help and the huge vets bills which will be coming.

“If you are able to help by making a donation however small we would be very grateful.

One of the rabbits dumped at Animal Care and left to die.

"If you are looking to adopt an animal please consider a rescue one.

"We have so many who all deserve a wonderful home.”

Donate here to help Animal Care and all the animals.

Visit here to find out how to adopt an animal, donate or volunteer.

American bull dog Princess is in need of surgery.
The cat and kittens that were rescued from a house. One of the kittens had to have her eye removed due to infection.
The kitten with the badly infected eye which had to be removed.
The kitten with a badly infected eye before it was removed.
The kitten recovering after having her eye removed.