Lancaster & Morecambe is sixth luckiest postcode area in England

New research has revealed that Lancaster has the sixth luckiest postcode in England.

By Debbie Butler
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 11:19 am

The LA ranking is based on winning statistics data from the Postcode Lottery recorded since January 2011.

Research by SolitaireBliss studied postcode data from to determine the luckiest places in England, based on how many Postcode Lottery wins have occurred per 100,000 people in each area.

Lancaster (LA) is ranked the sixth luckiest postcode. It has 80.92 wins per 100,000, based on 266 wins compared to an estimated population of 328,704, 51% higher than the UK national average.

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Lancaster ranks in the top 10 for the luckiest postcodes in England.

The analysis revealed that Exeter (EX) is the luckiest postcode in England, and the fourth luckiest in the United Kingdom. With 482 total wins to an estimated population of 547,511, this area has the highest number of wins per 100,000 people, 88.03, which is 65% higher than the UK national average. In April 2021, 233 players in Exeter won £3.1 million.

Telford (TF) is the second luckiest in England, with 87.71 wins per 100,000, 64% above the UK national average. This equals 186 wins to an estimated population of 212,061. Telford is also fifth luckiest in the UK. In August 2021, nine neighbours in the Trench area of Telford won £30,000 each, a grand total of £270,000.

Darlington (DL), County Durham, comes in third due to having 83.66 wins per 100,000, 57% higher than the UK national average, based on 302 wins to an estimated 360,975 population. Darlington is also the eighth luckiest place in the UK.

Shrewsbury (SY), Shropshire, is ranked the fourth luckiest English postcode; Taunton (TA), Somerset, ranks fifth and Torquay (TQ) comes in seventh place.

In eighth place is Hereford (HR), Lincoln (LN) is ranked the ninth and rounding off the top 10 list at number ten is Colchester (CO), Essex.

At the other end of the scale, West Central London (WC) is the unluckiest postcode in the UK, after ranking last due to having only six wins with an estimated population of 35,745, which equals 16.78 wins per 100,000, 69% lower than the UK national average. The bottom seven postcodes are all London-based.