Here's where and when you can see special Paw Patrol convoy for Heysham toddler explosion victim

Times and locations have been revealed for a special Paw Patrol convoy for Heysham toddler explosion victim George Hinds.

Earlier this week the Lancaster Guardian learnt that the second Paw Patrol convoy for George Hinds would be postponed until Sunday, July 10.

Now on Facebook organisers have revealed where and when the convoy can be seen.

Organisers said: “George’s Prom Convoy will leave Penrod Way, Heysham at 12pm.

George's Prom Convoy for George Hinds, the little boy who died in the Heysham gas explosion sets off from Morecambe FC. Picture by Julian Brown.

"For those taking part in the convoy, please make sure you stick together and follow the guidance of the traffic management team and Marshalls.

"Please remember they are here helping us with this event for free, and just like all of us, they are taking the time from their time off to ensure we have a safe enjoyable convoy for George, so please ensure that you follow any instructions that they give you.

“Can we ask everyone that is joining the convoy to arrive NO EARLIER than 10am on Sunday morning on and around Penrod Way, Heysham following the directions below:

“From the M6 and bay gateway A683, carry on down the bypass towards Heysham.

George Hinds Paw Patrol convoy.

"Exit the roundabout at the second exit and continue down that road to the traffic lights.

"Turn right at the traffic lights and then take your second right (where you will see a sign saying 'Halfmoon Bay Cafe'), follow that road, you will be directed into parking areas from here.

“Anyone coming from the local area must approach from the same direction to assist with traffic management.

“We will be leaving Penrod Way at 11.45am.

“The convoy will be heading from Heysham, down Heysham Road and then on to the prom, ending at Happy Mount Park.

“This convoy will have a lot of HGV’s, so we are following the route that will create the least resistance, as advised.

“From Happy Mount Park, everyone in the convoy is free to disperse how they see fit.

"The safest way would be to continue on the Coastal road and head towards the M6 or The Bay Gateway.

"For anyone watching the convoy drive by, the best (and safest) viewing areas will be on the promenade between The Battery and Happy Mount Park.

“We hope to see as many of you out there as possible waving and wearing a big smile for George.”