Heather Buckel beats Sahara desert for good cause

Heather Buckel during her Sahara trek.
Heather Buckel during her Sahara trek.

Once this mum-of-two commits to something she doesn’t look back and for Heather Buckel a 10 day Sahara trek was her most gruelling challenge yet.

Dropping three dress sizes and improving her level of fitness wasn’t enough for Heather, 54, who is challenging herself to raise awareness of her husbands condition.

The team trek at the Sahara desert.

The team trek at the Sahara desert.

Three years ago Heather’s husband Mick was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy, a rare and terminal neurological condition.

Ever since Heather, who lives in Roedean Drive, Torrisholme, received the devastating news she has been planning her North Africa mission.

Heather said: “I committed to this and if I commit to something I have got to see it through, it was the hardest challenge I have done.

“I’m sure some people probably thought I couldn’t do it but there was no way I was not doing it.”

It was the hardest challenge I have done

Heather was part of a team of 14, including other hikers, guides, a doctor and four camels, who all trekked 60 miles across the desert in temperatures ranging from 31-42 degrees.

They were the only people wandering the sand dunes all for different reasons.

On the first day the team hiked for two and a half hours. After this the routine would be to trek for a half a day until lunch time.

The near 300ft dunes were climbed gradually something Heather struggled with.

She said: “I was properly shaking and Ibraham, the lead guide, beckoned for me to come and stand right behind him.

“I put my poles down and it was before I knew it we were at the top and it was unbelievable.

“The thing I will remember the most is how quiet it was, the silence was amazing.”

In May Heather will leave work at Diamond Resorts to become Mick’s full time carer.

More than £3,000 has been raised for MSA from the trek on February 27 - March 8.

If you wish to donate go to www.justgiving.com/Heather-Buckel3.