Fancy joining in with a walk across Morecambe Bay - completely starkers?

Dozens of naturists are praying for warm weather as they prepare to take part in what will be the first ever naked walk across Morecambe Bay.

Monday, 3rd May 2021, 10:31 am
Updated Monday, 3rd May 2021, 10:32 am
Fancy a naked walk across the bay? Photo: Google Street View

British Naturism members will be taking part in the event in aid of the British Heart Foundation - and you can join in by signing up for £23.

Those taking part will begin and end the walk fully clothed, and will be told when they can strip off to their birthday suits.

They will be accompanied by Michael Wilson, the Queen's Guide to the Sands, who will not be expected to undress.

The trek from Arnside to Kent's Bank is expected to take about four hours, with part of it involving a short wade at knee height.

Once they have set off, the walkers - who will have to comply with social distancing regulations - will be directed by the guide as to when they can strip down.

Ron O'Hare, British Naturism's campaigns secretary, told the BBC there were contingency plans in case the weather turned chilly.

"We will be permitting clothes if walkers feel cold," he said.

"The main aim is to raise funds for British Heart Foundation - if we have to wear clothes at times to keep warm at times, then so be it."

The walk is due to take place on Sunday June 20 from 1.15pm, and you can find out more about signing up here.