Elections: Lancashire County Council results for Lancaster district as Conservatives retain control at County Hall

The Conservatives retained control of Lancashire County Council after securing an outright majority at County Hall for the second consecutive election.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Monday, 10th May 2021, 11:36 am
The count under way at Lancaster Town Hall.
The count under way at Lancaster Town Hall.

The party won 48 seats - two more than at the last county poll in 2017 - and surpassing the 43-seat threshold needed for it to remain in power.

Labour also gained two seats and the Green Party added a second county councillor to their number on the authority.

Independent representation on the council was wiped out, with the authority having had four members not aligned to a political party before this week's vote.

Lancashire County Council elections have been held.

None of the 10 divisions across Lancaster and Morecambe changed political colour - although Morecambe Central came within a whisker of doing so, as the Lib Dems' Paul Hart ran Labour incumbent Margaret Pattison to within three votes. That makes the seat the most marginal anywhere in the county.

The Green Party's Gina Dowding retained Lancaster Central and, after being her party's sole voice on the authority for eight years, is finally joined by a colleague after Andy Fewings was elected to Burnley Central West.

"We will be able to work together to push for action to transform Lancashire's economy and reap the benefits in terms of creating training and green jobs, better public transport and infrastructure for walking and cycling - and ensuring quality services near to where people live," County Coun Dowding said.

Elsewhere, Lancaster City Council leader Erica Lewis comfortably retained her Lancaster South East seat for Labour at County Hall.

Lancaster Town Hall.

Of the 10 Lancaster district seats, Conservatives won five, Labour won four and Greens won one.

All 84 seats on Lancashire County Council were up for election, with those elected due to serve a four-year term as a county councillor.

Lancashire County Council had been made up of 46 Conservative, 30 Labour, four Lib Dem, one Green, one UKIP and two Independent councillors.

And on Saturday, the Conservatives won 48 seats, while Labour won 32, Lib Dems won two and Greens won two.

Children and schools cabinet member and Lancaster county councillor Phillippa Williamson will take on the role of council leader.

The position in charge of the Conservative group - and hence also the county council itself, in the wake of the election result - was vacant after Geoff Driver, who has led the authority for the past four years, stood down at last week’s poll.

The county council provides important local government services in Lancashire including education, fostering and adoption, health and social care, cultural services, libraries and archives, registering births, deaths and marriages, recycling, trading standards and highways and transport.

Here’s all the results for the Lancaster district:


CLEET, Roger Timothy (Independent) 655 votes

GARDINER, Andrew Paul (The Conservative Party) 1342 votes ELECTED

HAYLAND, Sarah Kathleen (Labour Party) 1202 votes

PILLING, James (Liberal Democrat) 83 votes

YOUNG, Joanna Mary (Green Party) 211 votes


COLBRIDGE, Ruth (Labour Party) 1084 votes

DOWDING, Gina (Green Party) 2760 votes ELECTED

WALTON, Janet Suzanne (The Conservative Party) 747 votes


ADIMORA, Katia (Liberal Democrat) 78 votes

COLLINGE, Elizabeth Rachel (Labour Party) 1886 votes ELECTED

MELLY, Jamie Alexander (Green Party) 1658 votes

WALTON, Kevan Stuart (The Conservative Party) 403 votes


CORKERRY, Lisa Montserrat (Labour Party) 1090 votes

JACKSON, Peter James (Liberal Democrat) 1063 votes

MASKELL, Janet Louise (Green Party) 377 votes

MAXWELL-SCOTT, Matthew Joseph (The Conservative Party) 1950 votes ELECTED


MILLS, Abigail (Green Party) 390 votes

PILLING, Catherine (Liberal Democrat) 288 votes

TAYLOR, Luke (Labour Party) 1076 votes

WILLIAMSON, Phillippa (The Conservative Party) 2242 votes ELECTED


LEWIS, Erica Ruth Estelle (Labour Party) 1890 votes ELECTED

MILLS Hamish (Green Party) 974 votes

MOON Paul (The Conservative Party) 770 votes

PERKINS, Jake Aaron Ross (Liberal Democrat) 218 votes


CLIFFORD, Darren Keith (Independent) 184 votes

HART, Paul Bernard (Liberal Democrat) 1172 votes

MCMURRAY, Padruig Cinnead (Green Party) 98 votes

PATTISON, Margaret Elizabeth (Labour Party) 1175 votes ELECTED

WILD, John Graeme (The Conservative Party) 622 votes


GAWITH, Geoffrey Martin (Labour Party) 1056 votes

GERMAINE, Chloe Alexandra (Green Party) 374 votes

MORRIS, Stuart Charles (The Conservative Party) 2243 votes ELECTED

SAVILLE, Anthony John (Liberal Democrat) 215 votes


BLACK, Phillip John (Labour Party) 1192 votes

BLAIKIE, Richard Martin (Liberal Democrat) 94 votes

EDWARDS, Charles (The Conservative Party) 1568 votes ELECTED

EVANS, Mervyn John (Independent) 522 votes

JONES, Diana Patricia (Green Party) 97 votes


BUSBY, Emlyn David (Green Party) 228 votes

COTTAM, Jane (The Conservative Party) 760 votes

KAYE, Derek John (Liberal Democrat) 118 votes

PARR, Hilda Jean (Labour Party) 1238 votes ELECTED

REYNOLDS, John Robert (Independent) 225 votes