Caring Lancaster schoolgirls make poppies to raise money for the Royal British Legion

Two schoolgirls who sold poppies made during their half-term holiday have raised £473 for the Royal British Legion.

By Michelle Blade
Monday, 2nd November 2020, 3:33 pm
Megan Myles with one of the poppies she made to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.
Megan Myles with one of the poppies she made to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.

Megan Myles, eight, and Abigail Myles, six, from Lancaster, devoted their time off from school to making poppies and wreaths to sell to family and friends.

All their hard work has paid off as they initially wanted to raise just £5 and within six days they had raised £300.

Grandma Karen Baines said: “They wanted to make poppies to raise money and wondered whether they could raise £5. My daughter Zoe set up a justgiving page and posted it on Facebook but we never thought we would be inundated with orders for poppies. They have also made wreaths which they have sold.

Abigail Myles with one of the poppies she has made to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

“We are very proud grandparents! They have done an amazing job and I can’t believe how much has been donated, I’m just amazed how generous people are.

“They have ben up early in the morning and have spent all day making them (with breaks of course) and they had so many orders in.

“They have been delivering them to people as well.

“My daughter bought the materials online and the girls assembled them on a piece of card and put a magnet on the back to make fridge magnets. They have also made around 10 wreaths with the poppies. They will probably have made well over 100 poppies.

Just some of the poppies made by Megan and Abigail Myles during their half-term holiday.

“They have exceeded expectations with the money they have raised.”

Mum Zoe Myles, 34, said: “These two girls helped their mummy to make a poppy and from there decided to try raise a bit of money for The Royal British Legion ...they originally said ‘mummy do you think we will raise £5’ for an eight and six-year-old this is a lot of money to them.

“I set them a target of £100 and within six days and everyone’s amazing support and donations they have well and truly exceeded that amount and have raised £473. As a family we couldn’t be any more proud of them they have worked day and night on these poppies.

“Thank you to everyone for their donations and support. We have three wreaths left and still lots of fridge magnets available if anyone else would like one.”

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All money received will be donated to the Royal British Legion.