'˜People understand us' at Lancaster charity centre

When someone receives a neuro diagnosis they know it is life changing for them, their loved ones and their family '“ and as neurological conditions have no respect for age or gender it could happen to anyone at any time.

Saturday, 25th August 2018, 2:00 pm

How would you cope ?

Kath and John, married for 22 years, were devastated when following two heart attacks and a triple bypass John had a catastrophic stroke which robbed him of his memory and has affected his speech and independence changing life for them 
both .

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Kath cares for John 24/7

She said: “I do nothing really without John. I take him everywhere, even to post a letter.”

Kath and John are regulars at Neuro DropIn.

“Our family are good but they have their own lives, I don’t like to put on them.

“I take John out everyday but he can’t always remember where we go or what we do. We come here, John has a class.

“I meet Jacqui, we chat, we’ve made great friends here. People understand. It’s our support.”

Jacqui and Graham enjoyed an active, fun-filled and social life together for 36 years. Graham’s stroke changed everything.

“I went to pieces, couldn’t cope. I felt I had no one to talk to, no-one who knew how I felt about what happened to Graham, to us.

“We have no children, no family near. People stopped inviting us to things. It was hard.”

The couple have formed friendships at Neuro DropIn

“We have met such wonderful people here, we meet when the centre is closed too. I look forward to coming here. This centre needs more support

If we can help you please get in touch or maybe you can help us ?

We are in need of able bodied folk who can offer time to help us with out centre upgrade … is that you ?