Peaceful protest camp to stay

Tents in Dalton Square from Occupy Lancaster.
Tents in Dalton Square from Occupy Lancaster.

PROTESTERS who have set up camp in Lancaster say they hope to stay “for the long haul” in a bid to get their message across.

The Occupy Lancaster group, which pitched tents in Dalton Square following the public sector strikes last month, is protesting against capitalism and public sector cuts.

Numbers have grown since the protest began, and there are now 11 individual tents and two communal marquees.

Noel Cass, who was one of the first protesters on the site, said morale is high and many people are intending to stay at the camp for as long as possible - including over Christmas when a festive lunch is planned.

See the Lancaster Guardian (15-12-11) for full story.

Protest group sets up camp in Lancaster.