Passengers let off steam about ticket fines

Bare Lane railway station crossing.
Bare Lane railway station crossing.

Rail passengers who aren’t able to buy a ticket on the train claim they are being targeted and fined unfairly by Northern Rail.

Enforcement officers are waiting at Bare Lane train station, which is unmanned, for schoolchildren and adults who may not have been able to purchase tickets on the packed train from Lancaster to Morecambe, in a tactic which is designed to bring extra revenue from fines, claimed one passenger.

Sohrab Moghaddam, whose daughter Soraya is due to go to court for not having a ticket, said: “They are targeting children day in and day out.

“On the day in question, she was travelling from Lancaster to Morecambe and the conductor didn’t get round to her.

“The inspectors were on the platform at Bare but they wouldn’t take the money from her.

“Now she is going to court over the unpaid fare. They are treating the kids like animals, packing them in to one carriage.

“Everyone should pay the fare but they don’t provide the facilities to buy a ticket.”

Another rail passenger who was fined after she wasn’t able to buy a ticket on the Lancaster to Bare Lane train, said: “I was on crutches after knee surgery so I waited to buy my ticket on the train. There was no-one on the train to buy a ticket from . I got off with £2 in my hand but regardless they said they had to take my details. I paid a fixed penalty of £80 but I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

A Northern Rail spokesman said: “As Bare Lane is one of our unmanned stations, we regularly run revenue protection exercises to ensure customers who have boarded at manned stations, such as Lancaster, have purchased a valid ticket for their journey.

“We also understand some services can be very busy which is why we have had fare collectors helping our conductors sell tickets on this line of route. There is also a successful season ticket scheme available to pupils at schools in the area.”