Parents’ anger over dog muck school run

St Wilfrid's School in Halton
St Wilfrid's School in Halton

Parents and children at a Lune Valley primary school are up in arms over the amount of dog muck they are encountering on the school run.

The headteacher at Halton St Wilfrid’s Primary is also calling on dog owners to clean up after their pets as the mess is being trailed into the school leaving playgrounds, classrooms and corridors “extremely unpleasant for staff and children”.

Matthew Mitchell, who has a daughter at the school, said: “Disgusted by the amount of dog poo on the pavement near the school this morning - something needs to be done about these irresponsible dog owners.”

While parent Josephine Lishman added: “I had to throw James’s shoes out last week as the dog poo was in every bit of the sole.

“The culprit was severely spoken to.”

Claire Weymouth, headteacher at the school in Pennystone Road said: “We have had several instances recently where children and adults have inadvertently stepped in dog mess on Pennystone Road whilst walking to school.

“This has then been trailed into the school grounds and building, making playgrounds, classrooms and corridors extremely unpleasant for staff and children, with additional cleaning being required. Apart from the obvious unpleasant nature of this issue, the associated health and safety risks to our children are numerous.

“We would appeal to all dog owners to consider this when exercising their dogs.”

Coun Karen Leytham, cabinet member with responsibility for environmental health, said: “We are aware of a problem of dog fouling problem in proximity to this primary school and the dog warden service is carrying out investigations.

“An enforcement officer has contacted the school in an effort to identify the offenders and additional signage has been installed on the approaches to the school.

“While investigations are being undertaken, we would also urge other residents to help us establish who is responsible for the mess. This can be done by calling the council on 01524 582757 or by sending an email to and offering as much information as possible to help us identify all those who refuse to pick up after their dogs.