Organisers praise 500-strong crowd at Lancaster Women's March

A message of peace and love united crowds as they took part in a peaceful gathering in Dalton Square.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 9:30 am
A youngster holding one of the signs in the Lancaster gathering on Saturday.

A message of peace and love united crowds as they took part in a peaceful gathering in Dalton Square.

Lancaster joined millions of people worldwide to take part in the Women’s March on the first full day of Donald Trump’s USA presidency.

The city’s gathering was a sign of solidarity and support for the five million people also taking part in Women’s Marches across the world.

“It was very much a peaceful, joyful gathering,” said Mandy, one of the 10 organisers involved in Lancaster’s gathering.

“Everybody has been put down with what’s been going on politically around the world, we wanted to reaffirm our strong community, to come together and gain strength from one another so we can grow and challenge some of the things that are going on.”

All were welcome to the gathering and hundreds of handmade signs could be seen across the square. Some, like the one pictured, read ‘Love Trumps hate’ and ‘I’m so angry I made this sign’.

“That picture sums it up, the message is a common message, love not hate, we can incorporate that in everyday life,” said Mandy.

“It is not saying you are never going to fall out with anyone but it is what we move forward with. We are all the same underneath.”

Men, women and children of all ages gathered to join hands, sing and share moments of silence and reflection in Lancaster. Some spoke of their reasons in joining, read out poems and hung banners around Dalton Square. Volunteer stewards were on hand to ensure things ran smoothly throughout the three-hour event.

Marches were held all over the world on Saturday as part of rallies highlighting women’s rights, some rallying against Trump.

“I don’t like the things Trump is saying, I don’t think anyone likes what he is saying,” said Mandy.

“We have had enough of negativity, it is not about any political side. This is not going to change a politician from making a certain decision but it sends out a message that people are not happy.”

On the Friday before the gathering people demonstrated their views on Trump by hanging banners on Millennium Bridge, in Lancaster.