Young people are under pressure and work hard

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

It’s safe to say that the general election result took us all by surprise, which just goes to show that not everyone shares everything on Twitter.

Congratulations to our brand new MP Cat Smith.

As for the voting for the pitch to Richard Branson contest, their website kept being hacked leaving people unable to vote, but they’ve made amends and voting reopens for three days next week, so I’m still in the running.

GCSEs dominate our life right now.

I don’t care what the grumpy politicians say, young people are under a lot of pressure and work much harder than I ever did at school – good luck to you all.

There’s some great online revision sites and apps, but that just further highlights how those without broadband are disadvantaged.

I was disappointed this week to see an organisation running a series of tech workshops using all male trainers.

This happens far too often I’m afraid and yet we wonder why there are so few girls entering the technology world.

Research has shown that young women would move into this field if there were more female role models.

I see this myself; it’s no coincidence that over 80 per cent of my clients are female.

We have a responsibility to think well and ensure a balanced panel of trainers and presenters, otherwise we just continue to reinforce the stereotypes and prejudice, all of which serves to put young women off.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they want to come off Facebook to get their life back, so I was interested in a programme about the quiet zone.

I assumed this was a population making a life style choice to be Wi-Fi free, but actually Green Bank in West Virginia is home to the Green Bank Telescope.

This massive construction is 500 feet high with a dish large enough to host a football field.

It enables astronomers to detect and study objects in space like pulsars, gas clouds, and distant galaxies that can’t be seen but emit naturally occurring radio waves.

Because it’s so sensitive there can be no interference, so people for miles around are not allowed any device that generates electromagnetic radiation, such as a mobile phone, TV, microwave, or internet.

How would that suit you?

Have a great week and stay safe online .