Wifi on trains needed but was told it’s too expensive

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

Once again I’m writing this on a train, this time returning from my childhood friend’s wedding.

I do love travelling by train and despite being pretty expensive the trains are always full.

It’s lovely to read and snooze, but I do wish we could catch up with the rest of Europe and have Wifi.

It was said that the internet would mean that we could work anywhere, but that hasn’t been the case with the 20 hours I’ve spent on trains this week.

On a Birmingham train I enquired about paying for Wifi and was told it wasn’t worth it as it’s so unreliable.

If Mr Branson can’t get that sorted I’m not sure we’ll get on top of that any time soon.

The wedding in Wales was well worth the journey as we had beautiful sunshine.

The groom made us laugh when he said that he knew his proposal had been taken seriously when he found that his Facebook status had been changed to ‘engaged’.

And this wedding confirmed my theory that when people are having a really good time they don’t post on Facebook, as the photos didn’t start to appear until Sunday evening.

Or then again it could just be the unreliable internet connections.

This Mid-Wales town is reliant of Wifi as mobile phone reception is so poor.

It was thought that once everyone had a mobile phone, landlines would die out, but I can’t see that happening. In this town, as here in Galgate, we need broadband and Wifi via our landlines.

In fact I’m starting to wonder why I am paying £30 a month for my mobile phone.

Galgate is hardly remote yet half the time my mobile doesn’t register that someone’s calling and it takes 2 days before I’m notified that I have a voice message.

Someone pointed out to me recently that mobile phone adverts don’t even mention that it’s a phone anymore.

Our local social media success concerns Eddie Izzard who came to Lancaster last week.

He made a short Facebook video reminding our local students to register to vote.

The video got over 2,500 views in 48 hours.

That’s the power of social media.

Have a great week and stay safe online.