Who’s the Daddy? - We are lost without web

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DO you remember a time before the internet? If you wanted to talk to someone you called them on the phone or even, God forbid, met them face-to-face for a drink in a pub.

If you wanted to book a holiday you went to a travel agent, or you spent hours flicking through Teletext and ended up with a week on a campbed somewhere in Corfu for £89 – and get packed quick because your flight leaves at 5am tomorrow.

Doing a big shop was just that, an hour pushing a trolley round a supermarket, and music had to be physically bought from a record shop that sold actual records.

Well that’s what it’s like at our house this week because the internet’s broke. The little green light went out on our wireless router thingy at the end of last week, and much to our children’s horror they’ve been without the internet ever since.

After a brief chat with a Welsh chap in some call centre near Cardiff, he took a peek down our broadband pipe and decided that our little box of tricks was goosed and we’d need a new one – and that would be £40 please sir.

Oh really? How about I sack you off now my 12 month contract has run out, give Sky a quick call, sign up to their broadband, telly and calls package and get a shiny new router for free? What’s that? You’ll send me one today and there’s no charge? Hmmmm, thought so.

See the Lancaster Guardian (25-03-11) for full story.