Who’s the Daddy?: Roll up for the greatest show on earth

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The lights went down, the crowd hushed, camcorders flipped on to the sound of ‘diddley-do’ and suddenly it was showtime.

For weeks and weeks daughter #2 had been rehearsing the Year 6 leavers’ performance at primary school and on Monday 
night it all ran like clockwork.

Based around the ‘Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?’ TV show daughter #2 and her best mate did the Noel Edmonds/Dick and Dom presenting duties to a hall packed with emotional parents, many of whom had a packet of tissues in one hand and a camera in the other.

The stage looked great, the kids knew their lines, the script was fast and funny and every child in Year 6 had a big part to play in the show.

Now that takes some organising and they did it by creating a series of six flashbacks of events during the kids’ time at the school.

And you know what?

The show was brilliant. Top stuff.

Personally I think they made it that funny in an attempt to distract the mums and dads so they didn’t cry too many big, blobby tears as they saw their kids in action at primary school for the very last time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a leavers’ performance without tears and snot.

And thanks to a surprise (to the kids at least) montage that flashed up on a screen of pictures of all the children as they made their way through the school, from pre-school dots to Year 6 giants to the sound of Take That’s ‘Greatest Day’, there were tears and there was snot.

But me and the boss couldn’t get over how confident and sparkly daughter #2 was on stage.

If I’d been told to sing, dance and act in front of a crowd that size I’d be ill in a way that you’d need sawdust, bleach and a mop and bucket to clear it up.

After the show I asked her what she thinks about when she’s on stage.

And do you know what she said?

“Nothing. I don’t think about anything.”

To be honest, she says the same when she’s playing netball, swimming and dancing and maybe that’s the best way to be.

Anyway, after we got home she asked if she could watch it all again.

So we did. And it was great.