Who’s the Daddy? column

The Strypes.
The Strypes.

Seven out of 10 – and that’s being generous.

That was daughter #1’s eight-word review of a gig she was dragged to by the best band since The Stone Roses.

It all seemed like the perfect storm, The Strypes playing a sell-out show at Manchester Academy 2 on her old man’s birthday during half-term.

So we made a night of it, booked a city centre travel tavern for the family and while we had a daddy/daughter evening, the boss and daughter #2 took in a film. There’s only one word for that – magic darts.

Both our kids were horrified to see that I’d got gig tickets numbered 0001 and 0002, which makes me ‘such a Keeno Beano’, apparently.

And as a favour for driving her to Manchester to watch Bastille tomorrow night, through gritted teeth and behind rolling eyes she agreed to join me at the gig.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The only problem was Prince – yep, THAT Prince – was playing an impromptu show 50 yards down the road.

Tickets for which went on sale the previous night and sold out in seconds while me and the boss were at Liverpool’s East Village Arts Club watching, er, The Strypes before spending the night at The Beatles-themed Hard Day’s Night Hotel – don’t worry, we’re still rock ‘n’ roll.

To be fair to the band, whose show sold out weeks before Prince landed, they acknowledged the elephant in the room and lead guitarist Josh McClorey said he was sorry that Prince couldn’t be with us, but if he was he’d play this – before the band crashed out Mystery Man, the opening track form their debut album.

Now it would be wrong to say that daughter #1 danced the night away, but she was doing a bit of shoulder shuffling throughout their 90-minute raucous, runaway train, seat-of-their-pants set – and that’s good enough for me.

That was a pretty good way to spend a birthday, but the cherry on the icing on the cake was tea in the Hard Rock Cafe when the boss collared the manager to say it was her man’s birthday.

So he handed me this thing from the future which lets you pick whatever songs you want to play on the cavernous restaurant’s TVs and sound system.

So I did. For an hour.

For all I know I’m dead and last Friday was my first day in heaven.