Who’s The Daddy column

Christmas is ove for another year.
Christmas is ove for another year.

So that’s it then. Christmas and all that over for another year, and the memory of it as welcome as the winner of last year’s X Factor, whoever that was.

At least we don’t have to think about it for another year, well, at least until August when the first ‘Book Your Christmas Party Now’ banner is slung up outside a pub.

It has become a festive tradition in our house that me and the kids run a sweepstake on the date the boss says ‘I’ve had enough of this Christmas c**p around my house. I’m taking it down’. December 29, by the way.

That’s not to say we didn’t have a good time. But if Roy Wood’s wish that it could be Christmas every day came true then I think I’d be dead within six months.

Drink and drink and eat and eat. The gym’s shut, the weather’s biblical and the running shoes on your bedroom floor are fooling nobody, pal.

Thankfully everybody was happy with their presents from yours truly. There were no accusations of ‘they’re not for me they’re for you’ and what I bought was well received.

So it should be, it took me a full 20 minutes’ hard graft on my phone to order everything, and a quick trip to Currys to pick up the most wonderful gadget in the history of the world. Put it this way, it made our 14-year-old daughter say ‘wow’, and as anyone blessed to have a teenager living under their roof will testify, that’s not easy.

As a hi-fi snob of 20+ years’ standing the thought of a little handheld speaker that pumps out big, bassy, crystal clear music via Bluetooth from your mobile phone goes against everything I stand for.

How wrong can you be? About £169.95 wrong, apparently. And within five seconds of unwrapping it the Bose SoundLink Mini was thumping out daughter #1’s music and we were all bobbing our heads like nodding dogs to Lorde’s Pure Heroine album. Doesn’t get more Christmassy than that, does it?

Maybe there’s a bit of Stockholm Syndrome but she even downloaded a Strypes tune off her own bat which made all my Christmases come at once.

And the only annual festive injury/illness was daughter #2 waking up in agony one morning with a stiff neck. Santa didn’t bring us any norovirus like last time.