Who’s the Daddy? - Carry on camping

TO be honest, I’d be hard pressed to tell you what our kids would enjoy the most – a week at Disneyland or a couple of days camping in a field with their friends.

Two nights under canvas is just about my limit but our daughters would quite happily live in a tent – as long as it had Sky TV and wireless 30meg broadband.

Last week we took advantage of the stunning late-April weather to pitch our tent. A tend which has been untouched in a plastic lean-to at the side of our house since the last time it was given an airing in June 2010.

Me and the boss managed to hammer in all the pegs and make it look something like a tent on the shore at Ullswater in under 45 minutes with only one major row.

Anyway, once the tent was up and the obligatory grey clouds had gathered and our kids had been to the campsite’s shop on their bikes they were officially bored.

“I’m bored, can I go on the internet?” our 11-year-old moaned.

Hmmmm, we’re in the middle of a field in the Lake District surrounded by braying sheep and lambs. Can you see a wireless router or a laptop? No, didn’t think so.

Luckily we were joined later that day by a friend with her two kids who are the same age as ours and after they turned up the only time we saw them was when they wanted something.

See the Lancaster Guardian (28-04-11) for full story.