Who’s the Daddy?

Race For Life.
Race For Life.

Hey guess what? Turns out miracles DO happen after all.

The boss’ winter of slogging her way around the streets, training for her 10k run a few weeks ago has proved to be an inspiration to our hard to impress daughter #1.

Okay, maybe not the runs in the dark, the wind and the rain. But perhaps it was the glorious, life-affirming, grinning like an early 90s raver home stretch to the finish line in Liverpool’s Sefton Park earlier this month that made our 14-year-old think ‘Hey, I could do that’.

Anyway, she’s signed up for Race For Life this summer and will be on the start line with her mum at Lancaster University on Sunday, July 20.

To be honest, the boss is more apprehensive about the prospect of our leggy daughter, who looks like the high-speed, skeletal athletes you see effortlessly gliding around the streets of London during the marathon, showing her up more than anything else.

When you’re in your early teens your fitness regime of PE lessons and a game of tennis every lunchtime should be sufficient to leave your mum puffing and panting in your wake. Add to that a lifetime of weekends on the pop, convenience food and working for a living, and daughter #1 has got a good head start already.

So it seems the boss and our teenager have found some common ground. So where does that leave yours truly? I’ll tell you where, standing around at gigs shoulder to shoulder with daughter #1 while a bunch of lads with loud guitars and drums belt out 21st century indie anthems, that’s where.

In the same way I used to drag my dad to Old Trafford to watch a limp late-1980s Manchester United side get turned over by Norwich, Coventry and Charlton because he thought football would give him something to talk about with his teenage son, daughter #1 and I enjoy shared experiences through gigs (not Ryan).

Not every gig though. When she went to see Clean Bandit at Lancaster Library the other week and I admitted I’d never even heard of them, the horrified look on her face told me I belonged in a museum.

Still, she didn’t turn down the offer of a Prince ticket for tomorrow night.