Who’s the Daddy?

Who's the Daddy?
Who's the Daddy?

Daughter #2 celebrated her 12th birthday last weekend in the traditional manner – in a restaurant at a big table with nine of her friends while her big sister, the boss and I were tucked away in the corner as far away as was physically possible.

Before departure we were instructed that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES were the three of us to talk to any of her friends. So that’s us told then.

The thing is, once we arrived at the place and confirmed the seating arrangements; the waitress gave us a knowing smile and said: “Don’t worry, we get that a lot.”

So while the groovy gang chowed down on anything they fancied the three of us spent a couple of hours wandering down memory lane and wondering where the last 12 years had gone.

The restaurant did their bit, lowered the lights and played Happy Birthday to a packed room while a charming waiter delivered cupcakes to a terminally embarrassed daughter #2 and her giggling friends.

Anyway, the whole thing passed off without serious incident. Nobody lost an eye and that’s all that matters.

The next morning saw part two of the birthday girl’s double header – a weekend in Liverpool to watch the stage show of Singin’ In The Rain on Saturday and then a job as chief cheerleader to see the boss and her pal running around Sefton Park in the Liverpool Spring 10k on Sunday morning.

The boss and her running mate had put in the miles during gruelling training sessions all winter so their fitness was like money in the bank for the big debut run.

The Liverpool branch of our clan were out in force to cheer them on, and the ladies did themselves proud. As we waited at the finish line with cameras and mobiles primed and ready, they glided past us smiling and waving. Although our daughters would never admit it, even to themselves, they looked proud to see their mum complete a proper big run and get a big medal in front of a park full of cheering supporters.

Who knows, next year they might feel inspired to join her. Actually, what a stupid thing to say. There’s more chance of England winning the World Cup.