What a big difference 
a rainy day makes

Allan Blackburn
Allan Blackburn

One of our catchphrases here at GB Antiques Centre is ‘browse For hours’ because you literally can browse for hours.

Open seven days a week, we are seen as a day out or an attraction rather than a retail outlet, and because of this we tend to get visitors who will come for a morning, an afternoon or even a full day (stopping for a sit down and refreshments, of course!)

But not a lot of people know that my business is very dependant on the weather.

You wouldn’t think it to be so, after all, it’s not an outdoor swimming pool, nature trail or open air cricket match, but we rely on the weather for good trade.

We need rain! I’m sorry, I know it goes against the grain.

We all like warm, sunny days, especially now, as we enter autumn.

In fact, there’s often 
nothing better than a crisp November morning but for my business to be bustling with happy visitors, I need rain.

On a wet Sunday, for example, instead of getting about 350 visitors a day we can expect more than 500.

We see a 50% rise in visitors as a minimum.

It’s wonderful to see 
so many people in the 
centre but it must be 
noted that unfortunately turnover does not go up accordingly.

On a fine day people come in to the centre, often to find something specific or a special item that they have their hearts set on and if they find it, they’ll almost always definitely buy it.

In the rain our visitors spend more time browsing and enjoying the antiques.

They’ll spend time 
talking about how we 
used to live or recognising items their grandparents had, but the tills tend to take the same money rain or shine.

Maybe I should sell umbrellas!

Last weekend, we had some of the worst rain on Friday and Saturday that we’ve seen for a long time so we were extremely busy over both days but on Sunday it was a gorgeous, calm, sunny day and the visitor numbers reflected that.

So, if you get up on a 
miserable Sunday morning and let out a sigh, think 
that out there someone has a little smile on their face...me.