Website problem was good preparation for holidays

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

School holidays here again and I do love them.

School holidays here again and I do love them.

It’s so nice to take some lazy family time and I had good preparation for this last week.

As my website was still being hacked I moved it to a new host which all went surprisingly well, but it involves a couple of days of no website while the internet finds it.

It’s amazing how many people chose that time to go and have a look at my site.

My email was also down for a while and so I reacquainted myself with the phone and face to face contact.

One of the phone calls that came in was about Preston council launching a dummies guide to the internet for elected members.

I was invited to comment and share my top tips on how to keep candidates out of trouble, which was fun.

I do actually think it’s a good idea as, of course, most elected members are not familiar with social media etiquette.

Last week I was reminded of how many people are being left behind.

I went to the Galgate cedleigh and sat on a table with some of the older residents, many of whom do not have a computer or a mobile phone.

All too often we forget this, which was confirmed when I heard that an 80 year old was expected to know that she had to renew her disability parking badge online.

Also I was contacted by a man who had been made redundant and knew that he needed to catch up with the digital world to enable him to get work.

We got in touch with lots of organisations but no one would fund training for him.

Putting aside the way that the world of work has changed over the last 20 years, if we just consider that 40 per cent of job vacancies are only advertised on LinkedIn, then people who do not know how to use it are clearly at a big disadvantage.

As I get these requests fairly frequently I’ve decided to put out a challenge.

I want to run a course for job seekers and I’m looking for someone to sponsor this.

If you would like to help make that happen please get in touch.

Happy Easter weekend and do stay safe online