Walk: Slaidburn

Walk map
Walk map

From the car park turn right and walk up into the village.

At the war memorial turn right and follow the road across Croasdale Brook and continue for another 200 metres to a stone stile on the left. Cross this and then bearing left from the road in the direction of the sign post climb up to a wooded corner.

Here a stone stile crosses into a large meadow. The path crosses to a wall on the far side but it may be best to follow the field edge on the right.

After the next stone stile keep ahead over a wide expanse of fields keeping roughly parallel to the road on your right.

After crossing a track the path dips towards Croasdale Brook. Cross a stone stile and continue to a high ladder stile. Over this aim to the far left corner of the field to the left of a stone barn.

Here turn right onto a farm track. Follow it for 300 metres to regain the road. Turn left.

Keep on the road for 700 metres and then turn right onto a footpath leading downhill.

After crossing a culvert keep on the track for a further 300 metres and then turn left onto a path leading uphill to reach a stile in a fence.

The path then dips down to cross a footbridge and climbs the next brow. From this point descend to a ruined farm building and then continue for 400 metres on a less than defined path to reach a broad track.

The broad track – once a railway used in the construction of Stocks Reservoir – forms part of a circular walk around the water. Turn left.

For the next 4 miles the route follows this circular walk in an anti-clockwise direction.

After 1600m a mile the way passes through a wooden gate to reach a stretch of open pasture. Two hundred metres further on turn right off the main track onto a footpath leading downhill to a kissing gate close to a wooded valley.

Keep on this path as it leads round to a large foot bridge over the river Hodder.

On the far side the path leads away left climbing up a slope before turning sharply right to complete the climb close to New House.

Here turn right onto a farm track leading back towards the reservoir.

After a dip the route climbs gently to a kissing gate leading into a plantation.

After this the path continues to bring you close to the shores of the reservoir.

Beyond the causeway turn right onto the old road path which will re-unite with the road a short distance from the new church at Dalehead.

Keep ahead at the church and then as the road bends sharply left turn right onto a track leading to Black House Farm.

Bear right at the farm and immediately turn right through a wooden gate.

Keeping to the right of the field begin to climb the brow and continue with a wall to the right passing a large conifer plantation.

The path is always clear as you descend towards ancient Hammerton Hall.

Just before reaching the hall turn right onto a track that will lead you past it to Holmehead Bridge.

Cross the Hodder and then turn left onto a path leading alongside a wall (to your right).

When you reach the large open fields with Slaidburn in sight you maybe be tempted to keep straight ahead however the path swings to the right to Croasdale Bridge from where you turn left for the village.