Votes needed in order to make Branson pitch

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

It’s the bank holiday weekend and as I write I realise that you will reading this on or after the General Election, which I must say has been pretty civilised this year.

I haven’t seen any billboards with name calling and not too many MP wannabees have got into massive trouble online.

Times are indeed changing.

I’ve been begging for votes myself as I’m in the running for the pitch to Richard Branson.

With two days left to vote if I have learnt anything it’s that canvassing for votes is plain hard work.

I got off to a great start but I was so enthusiastic that Twitter blocked me from messaging people for 24 hours and Facebook had to warn me to calm down.

I’ve been obsessively checking the votes count on the website, but it’s been fun.

It would be great to have some of Richard Branson’s money and support in Galgate, but let’s see.

One of the lovely things I did last week was run a session for parents at a brilliant school that had invited all the neighbouring schools in.

I feel strongly that young people are vulnerable in this age of quick fire communication and adults really must skill themselves up to support and guide them.

One of the big news items this week concerns a 17 year old Lancashire girl who goes by the name of @twcuddleston on Twitter.

Abby started a Twitter Milifandom club - which is essentially lots of young people who like Ed Miliband, photo-shopping his head onto various images 
from Superman to flower-power.

Interestingly she has 24,000 followers and Milifandom even got picked up by BBC Election 2015.

Within 24 hours of launching the account she had the Sun on her doorstep and knocking on her 70 year old gran’s door.

Fair enough maybe, except for the fact that she had never used her real name, shared a photo of herself or given her location.

The Sun said they got her details from the electoral register which was clearly not true as she is only 

Creepy yes, but she hit back on Twitter, got even more support and even a phone call from Ed himself.

Now most newspapers have shared her story and it’s gone global.

Powerful stuff eh! Have a great week and stay safe online.