Uplifting start to term as MPs cast their votes

David Morris.
David Morris.

Last week we saw the first vote of the Parliament which was on the Queen’s speech, the Government won the vote by 56 and every Government MP that could vote did so it was an uplifting start to the Parliamentary term.

As business is now back up and running so are the Government appointments.

This week it was announced that I was to remain Secretary of State for Wales’ PPS, which is a great honour.

It is especially interesting to be involved in the devolution agenda at such an exciting time, especially as many of you talked about English votes for English MPs with me during the election period.

On Thursday in the chamber I participated in the urgent question regarding the NHS Success 

I felt that it was important to flag how well the Better Care Together Programme has formulated a plan for the future health economy in our area.

I asked Health Minister Ben Gummer MP if he would come up and visit the hospital trust to see this scheme in action and I was pleased that he accepted this invitation.

Back in the constituency on Friday I had a meeting with the Vice Chancellor of Lancaster University regarding how the University can work with the public in the Morecambe and Lunesdale area.

One of the main areas of discussion was the Northern Powerhouse and how this would benefit Lancaster University by attracting more students and visitors to the district.

The northern powerhouse will have great benefits to our area but only if we work together with other areas in the North West to ensure the north as a whole is being strategically looked at and not just Manchester and the cities.

We have a huge head start on this with the link road already being on the way to completion but we must also work together with other areas.

On Wednesday I met with all North West Conservative MPs to begin to discuss how we can work together.

If you would like to contact me you can do so by phone 01524 841225 or by email david.morris.mp@parliament.uk