Tom settled into routine and had happy weekend

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

It seems that after a turbulent first week back at school Tom has now settled back into the school routine.

He had a good week and came home on Friday proudly showing us his Star of the Week certificate for having a good week in school and for good listening.

We also had a really happy and settled weekend. On Saturday, Andrew took Stephen to school with him, Stephen really enjoys this time with his dad and it gives him a little break from Tom.

This also means that I get to spend the day with Tom so we popped into town and went to the Novel Café for our usual drinks and cake.

However, they did not have Tom’s usual Victorian sponge cake, but instead there was carrot cake.

Now, what is interesting is that Tom did not complain when he saw that his cake was different, I had warned him beforehand that he was going to have carrot cake.

He sat and looked at it for a while, picked all of the walnuts off, handing them to me saying that they were ‘yacky,’ and then proceeded to eat it.

This was wonderful stuff, the fact that a change had occurred and that he had dealt with this change so positively.

After the Novel we found an escalator to ride up and down, bought a book on Skylanders and did a bit of food shopping. We also paid a visit to the pet shop, so that he could say hello to the guinea pigs and fish. What was really funny was that when Andrew and Stephen came home later on in the afternoon, Andrew had bought Tom a toy guinea pig, who then Tom proudly named Oliver.

Sunday was also a lovely, yet busy day; we fitted an awful lot in. I took the boys to the Vue Cinema in town to watch the Autism Friendly Screening of ‘Big Hero 6,’ which they both loved, and then when we got home we were visited by Granny and Grandpa.

To end the day, Andrew took us to Wray, to visit the scarecrows, the theme this year is fantasy.

Although Tom enjoyed looking at the scarecrows, especially some Minions, what he really wanted to do there was play in the playground and run through the maze before we all got into the car to go home