Tom’s first ever visit to Superbowl huge success

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

On Sunday, we did something as a family that I thought we would never ever do. We went to the ‘Super Bowl’ in Morecambe, and more importantly. It was a huge success.

For the past month Tom has been telling us that ‘bowling is his best’ and that he ‘loves bowling,’ although he has never been bowling.

It was while driving in Morecambe that he spotted the Super Bowl and told us that he wanted to go there.

He kept telling us that in the holidays he was going to go to the Super Bowl, so we thought to ourselves, why not?

So, the holidays arrived and we knew that we would need to take him sooner, rather than later, or we would never hear the end of it. So we got planning.

On Saturday we were in Morecambe at the Reel Cinema, Autism Friendly Screening of Home, which the boys loved.

After the film we went over to the Super Bowl in order to show Tom where we would be going and to find out how he would react to this new environment.

Well, he walked excitedly in, holding my hand, and ran over to one of the lanes, jumping up and down while watching the bowling balls. He was so excited. We explained to him that we would book a lane and that we would go bowling soon, and he accepted this.

Anyway, after we got home, I chatted to Andrew and we decided to take the boys bowling the following day.

All Sunday Tom kept asking, ‘we go to Super Bowl?’ To which I kept replying, ‘after tea.’

So after tea it was time to go bowling. We walked in, and it was time to take shoes off. Tom was like lightning, as was Stephen, in his haste to wear his special shoes.

When we had been telling Tom about bowling at home, he had informed us, ‘Tom then Stephen then Tom then Stephen then Tom then Stephen...’ You get the picture? So neither myself nor Andrew got a turn bowling.

Both boys scored strikes and Tom happily took turns and celebrated Stephen’s successes.

He was also quite taken with the bowling ball machine and stood fascinated, watching all the balls being fed back to us.