Tom enjoys perfect and magic seventh birthday

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Last week was Tom’s seventh birthday and we had a truly lovely day. As Tom himself told us, it was ‘perfect.’

Tom started his morning at 5.45 when he crashed into our bed and asked: “Is it my birthday?’

He was so eager to go downstairs so that he could ‘see his birthday’ but we managed to hold him off for a little bit until we woke Stephen.

So once we were all awake, off we trundled downstairs, led by Tom who was eager to see his birthday balloons, birthday banners, cards, presents and the epic ‘Kevin Minnion’ birthday cake, constructed by Andrew. Tom was very impressed with his cake and told us that he loved it.

Now on birthdays past, Tom has shown little interest in wanting to open his birthday cards, preferring instead to open his presents at breakneck speed.

But he surprised us by siting at the ‘birthday table’ and opening and then reading each individual card. Then, he went on to opening his presents. He loved them all, especially his beloved Minecraft animals.

Tom had told us that he wanted to go to the aquarium for his birthday over a month ago, and so this is where we went. He loves the Aquarium of the Lakes. As usual he whizzed round three times, compared to Stephen’s leisurely stroll with Andrew, but he took everything in. He told me that the fish were in fish prison, and one little boy who overhead this thought it was hilarious.

At one point he pretended to be a pirate and ran through the fish tunnel with arms outstretched shouting, ‘aaaagggghhhh’ as apparently the baddies were after him.

The main thing was that he had fun (as did Stephen). We even managed to sit in the cafe upstairs and look out at all of the boats and ducks. Tom was convinced that he could see piranhas.

In the afternoon we were joined by Granny and Grandpa who gave Tom the present of a scooter.

The highlight for Tom though was the singing of Happy Birthday and the blowing out of the candles.

Anyway, we all had a lovely day, and in Tom’s own words, it was perfect and magic.