Timeless atmosphere away from the hustle an bustle

Barletta beach.
Barletta beach.

Barletta has very long golden sands that stretch for miles.

Away from the bustle of town life and the chaotic sounds and scenes of traffic, it stretches out to the sapphire sea, with a timeless atmosphere that whispers the past and all those wonderful childhood holidays you once had.

It surprises to see ‘Castello Svevo’, a large Norman castle built in the twelfth century, sitting squatly by the sea.

In winter you’ll see joggers and dogs running along but it really comes into its own in the summer months when it seems that the entire town has descended there.

Whole families can then be seen enjoying the beach life with their children, who play ball games or dart in and out of the water like small colourful fish.

Nearby to the beach, at one point, sits a small, compact caravan camp, with its families, dogs and own thriving culture.

Running parallel, apartment blocks and a smattering of hotels line the beach road, with their palm tree-lined gardens and driveways.

Palm fronds waft lazily in the wind beside gaudy signs that refuse to be ignored.

It surprises to see ‘Castello Svevo’, a large Norman castle built in the twelfth century, sitting squatly by the sea.

This landmark isn’t far from where families descend to sunbathe and listen to the latest sounds; an interesting juxtaposition of ancient and modern.

It’s also where garden man ‘lives’.

I’m not entirely sure who he is or what he s about, but he’s not entirely all there; the Beatles song ‘Nowhere Man’ springs to mind.

Beautiful young men and women adorn the beach like prize jewels – always smiling and jovial; no one gives a care for tomorrow.

There is, however, one blot on the landscape. Huge industrial monstrosities of metallic silver sit uncomfortably by the ancient town.

As my husband James Eccles so perfectly put it, ‘industrial towers that remind bizarrely of a funfair’.

These, along with apartment blocks that spring up endlessly like ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, sprawl out from the city and seem incongruous.

The panorama from the castle, on a cold winter’s day, evokes how it must have been hundreds of years ago before the concept of summer holidays took hold.

Scenic solitude.