Taking Polaroid pictures will eat into birthday money

Polaroid camera.
Polaroid camera.

There’s this thing that you might have heard of called digital photography.

It lets people take pictures and see them instantly.

I think it might catch on.

In the good old days manufacturers of 35mm film charged you for the privilege of using their product and then you had to cough up as much again to get your pictures developed.

And of 36 prints there might only be a dozen that were any good.

It was as big a scam as being taxed on everything that you earn and then paying tax on everything that you buy. I know, scandalous.

But with this digital photography lark your pictures are there in the blink of an eye and even most telephones that kids stare at every waking moment they’re not in school are capable of taking pretty smart photographs.

So why then, in the name of God, did daughter #2 request (and get) a camera which takes proper film in it for her 13th birthday?

Her phone takes pictures, her iPad takes pictures and even her Nintendo DS (which hasn’t been touched for so long the poor neglected animals on Nintendogs were rehomed in 2012) takes pictures.

I can remember (cue the Hovis music) my best mate in school’s mum and dad buying a Polaroid camera in the late 1970s.

It was like a prop from Star Wars.

You pressed the go button and a few seconds later out popped something which looked like an Instagram picture. So magical that you couldn’t believe it was real.

That’s what daughter #2 got for her birthday.

But when she took her first shot with it (of her cat, naturally) she said: “Oooh, it’s taking ages to load.”

Sorry, it’s taking ages to what? What do you think that bit of paper is, a microprocessor?

Then, like OutKast’s Hey Ya! goes, she shook it like a Polaroid picture and 30 seconds later we had a photograph of a slightly startled Mr Robbie which appeared to have been taken in 1977.

Of course, unlike digital photography, there is not a limitless supply of images and the cost of which (£14 for 20 shots, ouch!) will eat into her birthday money. So far she’s taken three.