Stephen proud of Tom after having his hair cut

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Tom has always had difficulty when it comes to getting his hair cut.

For quite some time I had to cut his hair myself, which resulted in a rather somewhat wonky and choppy hairstyle, which usually took me two days to complete.

This need to have his hair cut at home occurred after a rather upsetting time for Tom when he was shouting for an ambulance and that having his hair cut was an ‘emergency.’

I couldn’t bring myself to take him again as he was so upset. It wasn’t the hairdresser’s fault at all, as she was so lovely, but I just knew that we had to have a little break. So after giving him a break of several months we tried once again.

I decided to persevere in taking him to the hairdressers, as this would be easier in the long run. So on Saturday, we went for the second time this year to visit Sally at Esquires Barber’s in Lancaster. Stephen went first, as always, so that Tom could see what would happen.

He was however preoccupied with the car chair that is used for toddlers, while Stephen had his hair cut this kept him busy and his mind off what was about to happen.

Sally knows Tom well and his dislike for the shaver or buzzy bee as he calls it, so she hid it under a towel before he climbed onto the chair. I think she works miracles in cutting his hair as he doesn’t sit still so he’s a moving target, but she is patient and kind to him.

The main thing is that he trusts her, if he didn’t he wouldn’t get on the chair in the first place. She also has a sense of humour that most definitely helps. After she had finished cutting his hair, he jumped from the chair and started to pick up the hair that surrounded him on the floor, trying to put it back on his head, saying; “Oh no, go back hair, go back,”

This was funny, but was also tinged with sadness. He really was upset that his hair had been cut.

However, he soon recovered with a visit to the library and a promise that he could use the magic machine in order to ‘check out’ the books. And of course, I bought him a hot wheels car from Sainsbury’s. Stephen was also extremely proud of him.