Social media does help to keep us all well connected

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

There’s a lot of discussion at the moment regarding social media, and the general online world, being a distraction.

Matthew Crawford has just written a book suggesting this is triggering a social crisis.

This interests me because, whilst I know that it’s easy to waste time online, and I also know that the speed that information comes in at us can be overwhelming, to me it is also about connection.

I know lots of people who have the TV on for much of the day and TV is a one way communication tool.

Whereas, many of us use social media for discussion, sharing, comment and debate, campaigning and awareness raising.

I suppose the issue really is about how we use it.

I decided some time ago, when I worked in an emotionally demanding job, that for me the TV was for down time.

I decided I didn’t need to see any more trauma, murder and mayhem, so TV was strictly for nothing more taxing than Emmie and Corrie.

And that is how some people use social media, 
just to hang out, play daft games, catch up with friends and watch videos of cute kittens.

I’m not denying that it’s a noisy old world nowadays with an almost constant pinging, tweeting and ringing, and I like nothing more than to go for a walk and leave my phone behind to 
get some much needed peace and quiet, but in reality we always have found ways to distract ourselves from doing the things we don’t want to do haven’t 

If you thought Twitter was just for the young you will be as surprised as I was on Tuesday when I accidentally stumbled across #OlderWomenVoices.

Lots of women over 40 took to Twitter, including politician Margaret Curran, who recently launched the Scottish Commission 
on Older Women, and ex-BBC presenter Miriam O’Reilly. We had fun chatting to each other, sharing tales and encouraging each other.

It absolutely made my day and I do hope we get to do it again soon.

As for us, we’re so rock and roll we treated ourselves to a second hand jigsaw puzzle from a charity shop today, so we’re going to be having our distraction off line for a while.

Have a great week and keep safe online.