Shaun Foreman column: Accepting advice of ‘experts’ could be extremely costly

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Agreat many of us will have had the unfortunate scenario of losing someone very close.

There is probably no greater pain to bear, and it is difficult enough to get through those immediate days/weeks/months, without having to deal with pressing matters such as funerals, wills and the like.

When we are at an all time low, it is so very easy to make rash decisions, and simply accept what is being told to us by the ‘supposed’ experts.

Whatever it is we are dealing with in these times, we want it expediting as quickly as possible, enabling us to move forward and turn the page on what has been an extremely unhappy time in our lives.

We would wish to forewarn people to take due care when dealing with the estate(s) of those we have lost.

Unless you receive correct and fair advice, it can prove to be a costly affair – the loser being the beneficiaries of the deceased.

To give you one very real example, we recently met with one of our clients to discuss the matter of probate.

Our client had recently lost her mother and our client was the sole beneficiary under the will.

Our client wished to discuss the probate process and costs attaching thereto.

We advised her she had one of three options:

1 To undertake the whole process herself.

2 For us to obtain the Grant of Probate on her behalf – thereafter the client administering the estate – £350 + VAT.

3 To appoint our company to deal with all matters on her behalf.

This case was quite a straightforward matter in that there were only four accounts to be closed and one beneficiary – our quotation was £1,000 + VAT.

Imagine the wonderment of our client when she had been advised by her bank that they would not advocate she dealt with this herself as it was arduous and time consuming – they would deal with it for her at a rate of some £6,000.

Furthermore, they went on to say that should this matter be referred to a solicitor the charges would be in the region of £12,000.

Alas, at a time when you simply do not need the hassle – the above proves that it pays to certainly obtain an alternative quotation when dealing with probate matters.