Seven Days with David Morris

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Last week I had the privilege of meeting with some of the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Princes Trust volunteers in Halton.

It was interesting to talk to the young people and their mentors and to see some of the work which has been carried out which includes the building of a new Woodland Walk.

On Friday, Jackie Daniel the new chief executive of the University Hospitals NHS Trust gave me a tour of the new wards. It was my second meeting in as many weeks with Jackie. I like to take a very keen interest in our hospitals.

Last week, I called on the government to make the BBC more accountable. When I was first elected several constituents contacted me with queries related to the BBC. I was amazed to discover that MP’s cannot hold the BBC to account like we can any other publically funded body.

This is of particular importance now, in the light of the Jimmy Savile accusations. I will be calling on the government to make the BBC more accountable to MP’s while ensuring the BBC’s editorial independence.

I appeared on BBC Daily Politics last week discussing Nuclear Power. I confirmed that I would be happy for the coalition agreement to be broken on the very specific point of nuclear power. I want to see new nuclear power stations being built not on shore wind farms.