Ryan Donohue column: Don’t try to do too much too soon

Ryan Donohue outside his Fitness Formation premises in Lancaster.
Ryan Donohue outside his Fitness Formation premises in Lancaster.

Have you lost weight? Having someone you haven’t seen in a while, ask you that question makes all the hard work, sweat and tears worthwhile.

Today I am going to help you out with a few tips that will help ensure that question gets asked at your next family reunion.

At Fitness Formation, we believe in the basics. Plain and simply because the basics work. They have stood the test of time and no academic can argue the facts. They work. Simple as that. No fancy equipment, no magic tricks, no pills or potions or anything crazy like that. Lift some weights, watch what you eat, be consistent and follow a proven plan with a professional or group who supports you. Pretty simple, right?

Yet so many people struggle to get in shape and more importantly, stay in shape. Why? Overwhelm. That is the number one reason why people aren’t consistently in shape, year round.

We try to do too much all at once and are always looking for that next magic cure in the magazines that’ll get you in shape overnight with no hard work.

Here are a few simple tips that will make it that bit easier. You still have to work hard though, but nonetheless, these will help.

Start small. Lifting weights is simply the number one way to get results. However, with that being said, lifting weights incorrectly is the number one way to injure yourself. Start light, progressively increase the weight lifted over time and most importantly, seek professional advice so your technique is perfect.

Listening to your body and your mind is also crucial to long-term success. So many people go from couch potato to gym junkie at a hundred miles an hour in order to get in shape for a wedding or a holiday for example, only to burn out after a month and they wonder why.

I hate to say it, but it still is and always will be true. Keep it simple, be sensible, be realistic and do it in moderation.

I would rather you do three hours a week of exercise and be able to keep that up in the long term, rather than two-plus hours a day for four to six weeks, starving yourself, only to burn out, injure yourself and end up resenting exercise.

Email me at ryan@fitnessformation.co.uk and we can get you started.