Roger Salmon column: Help your pet cope on bonfire night

Roger Salmon
Roger Salmon
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Eighty per cent of owners say they have a pet that is scared of fireworks so consult your vet now before bonfire night.

Fireworks are often set off long before and the treatment often needs to be started in advance.

Reactive behaviour to fireworks can include:

*Hiding behind the sofa

*Digging up the carpet

*Soiling the house

*Barking incessantly

Here’s some top tips to keep your your pets happy during the party fireworks season:

*Provide a den or hiding place days before

*Use an Adaptil or Feliway diffuser as close to the den as possible or where your pet spends most of its time.

*Give them Zylkene tablets obtained from the vet which help to keep your pet calm.

*Ignore fearful behaviour. Dogs may pick up on their owners’ anxiety making the problem worse.

*Walk your dog early in the evening before the fireworks start.

*Make sure the den is away from windows and cover with blankets to muffle the sounds.

*Provide treats and toys in the den so your pet associates it as a positive place.

*Draw curtains and put the TV or radio on to dull the noise of fireworks.

*Do not punish your pet. This will only cause more distress.

*Try not to leave your pets alone while the fireworks are going off.

*Make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are securely closed and have them micro-chipped in case they do escape.

Adaptil for dogs is a synthetic copy of the natural appeasing pheromone mother dogs produce to comfort and reassure their puppies.

It has been proven to help in stressful situations such as fireworks and loud noises associated with the party season.

It comes in three forms:

*Diffuser which is plugged in where the dog spends the most time.

*Spray which is used on bedding.

*Collar which releases the hormone wherever the dog goes.

Remember if your pet is happy then you are happy to enjoy yourself. We owe it to them.