Roger Salmon column

Roger Salmon.
Roger Salmon.

Seasonal Autumn advice is now being given by the RSPCA as temperatures drop and it gets darker earlier.

Outdoor pets will need plenty of bedding and owners should be prepared to move them into a shed or garage for extra shelter during cold spells.

Always wear reflective clothing to make yourself visible when walking near roads in the dark and don’t forget to fit your dog and cat with a reflective collar.

Road accidents involving deer are common throughout the year, but especially during the rut, which can occur from mid-July to December.

The toll of deer involved annually in vehicle collisions in the UK is estimated to lie between 42,000 to 74,000 and deer related road traffic accidents result in over 450 human injuries and several human fatalities every 

Six main species of deer live wild in Britain with an estimated combined population of over 1.5 million.

Drivers should take note of deer warning signs, drive with extreme caution (especially early morning and evening) and report collisions to the police.

It is important to be aware that further deer may cross the road after the first ones you have noticed and it is best to use full beams when there is no opposing traffic.

The headlight beam will show the eyes but when a deer or other animal is noticed then dim your lights as the animal may freeze.

Grey seal pupping occurs between September and December and the pups are born with a fluffy white coat and don’t enter the sea during the first two to three weeks.

Don’t touch or approach seal pups as they can bite and be frightened into the sea.

Fireworks during the festive season can affect domestic pets, cattle and wildlife due to their loud bangs and it is estimated that 45 per cent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

Build bonfires as close to the time of lighting as possible and check them for animals before lighting.

Bats look for suitable hibernation sites around October and their roosts are protected by law-so you must not disturb or harm them in any way.