Roger Salmon column

Roger Salmon.
Roger Salmon.

International Cat Care is the new name for FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau) that has been changed to reflect the importance of welfare projects across the globe.

Recent work has seen ICC on the ground in India, Sudan, Spain, Tanzania, China, Portugal and Greece - and the list is growing.

Their website,, contains a wealth of information on keeping cats safe, happy and healthy, with a new A to Z of cat health, enabling website visitors to look up diseases, signs and other useful information.

There are estimated to be 200 million pet cats in the world and there are untold numbers of stray, abandoned, feral and homeless, free-living cats that all have different needs, different problems and different approaches.

Antarctica is the only continent where feral cats can’t be found.

At least 60 per cent of the worlds domestic cat population are essentially free-living with varying degrees of interaction with humans.

ICC are on the ground caring and neutering, as well as working with local owners, organisations, governments and veterinary surgeons to provide quality knowledge, training and equipment.

As a charity 100 per cent reliant on generous contributions made by cat-loving individuals and organisations your support is vital.

To find out more about making a donation please visit the website

The money donated provides training for vets and charity workers, funds equipment such as traps and restrained cages, plus surgical instruments.

It also educates vets in other countries through teaching courses and international congresses and events, as well as providing information for cat professionals to improve the care they give.

Donations also provide information to help cat owners to understand and care for their own cats and develops knowledge to help solve the problems arising in many of these areas of work.

Healthy cats require good veterinary care which is tailored to them.

The ICC works with the veterinary profession across the world to provide cutting edge information for the veterinary care of cats in the form of journals and continuing education.