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Roger Salmon.
Roger Salmon.

Researchers have found that cat owners are smarter than dog owners.

The study surveyed 600 students on their personality and whether they identified themselves as a cat or dog lover.

Researchers found people who are more energetic and outgoing tended to be dog lovers, whereas students who were more introverted, sensitive and open minded we’re more likely to be cat lovers.

It makes sense a dog lover is going to be more lively because they are going to be more out there, outside talking to people when walking their dog.

Whereas if you are more introverted and sensitive, maybe you are more at home reading a book and your cat does not need to go out for a walk.

About 60 per cent of the studies participants identified as dog people, compared with 11 per cent who called themselves cat lovers.

Researchers found cat lovers also scored higher on intelligence than dog lovers.

A previous study of British pet owners found people with cats tended to be smarter than their dog owning counterparts.

Feline expert Jane Murray concluded: “Cats require less time per day than a dog, so they are more popular with educated people who work late and have long commutes. Dogs are more useful with some older, lonely people as they find 
people will talk to them and discuss their dogs on walks.

“They also encourage people to exercise more than cat owners.

“Walking dogs is also helpful in reducing weight gain in dog owners, whereas cat owners tend to be more sedentary.

“Preventing obesity is of great importance as it is easier to avoid obesity than lose weight.

“Obesity in childhood predicts adult obesity and likely the same is true for puppies and kittens, although lean puppies and kittens may still become obese as adults.

“Stroking cats has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and walking dogs may have a similar effect.”