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Roger Salmon
Roger Salmon

Overweight bunnies are at high risk of contracting fly strike as they are unable to clean themselves properly.

If you are concerned that your rabbit may be carrying too many ounces, then speak to your veterinary practice now, so the excess weight can be dealt with before summer really starts.

Purchase some Rearguard so you can start applying it to your rabbits around April, when the fly strike season generally starts.

Rearguard needs applying every 10 weeks but all rabbits must still be checked at least twice daily for any signs of fly strike.

Vaccinate to protect.

Sadly over the last few months vets have seen many cases of Myxomatosis and suspected cases of Viral Haemorrhagic Disease.

Unfortunately these rabbits were not vaccinated, so stood little chance of fighting these two killer diseases.

Although it was wet, our winter was mild.

This meant that many of the biting insects that transmit these diseases (eg mosquitoes and fleas) were not killed off.

It’s likely that this will mean there will be more of them around in the summer months.

If your rabbits are not vaccinated or haven’t had a booster in the last year, then they are at risk.

Don’t delay and contact your vet today and arrange for vaccination that offers protection for a year.

Bathing your bunny rabbits are naturally clean animals but bunnies that are arthritic, elderly or overweight and those with dental problems or missing incisors may require “bum baths” where just the rabbits bottom is washed.

There is generally never a need to give a rabbit a full bath as there fur is so dense that they can take days to dry and lead to health problems.

Rabbits also don’t generally enjoy the sensation of being in water and are likely to panic and potentially injure themselves in the process.