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Cats are being caught in illegal snares.
Cats are being caught in illegal snares.

Cats protection is supporting a petition that calls for a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares across England and Wales and is urging people to support cat welfare by adding their signatures to the petition that is being run by the League against Cruel Sports.

The aim is to ban snares to end the horrific injuries and painful deaths suffered by cats when they get caught in these in humane traps.

If enough signatures are obtained then it is hoped that the issue will be debated in parliament and bring about a much needed change in the law.

Snares are thin wire nooses that are commonly used by gamekeepers to catch foxes, rabbits and stoats.

However, snares do not discriminate and other animals, such as cats, often get caught in them, causing immense suffering.

Snaring has been banned in most of Europe but is still legal in the UK and a report by the Department of the Environment found that almost 30% of rabbit snare users had caught a cat.

The petition has so far reached over 50,000 signatures but many more are needed if it is to stand a chance of being debated in Parliament.

To lend your support, please visit and for more information about the campaign contact

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